Sligo Volunteer Centre are driving our EVC Adopt a Charity Campaign. Our objective is to connect local charities with the local business community which can support them by sharing skills and expertise.

Many corporate companies have CSR programmes and want to engage as part of this. In Sligo there is a great tradition of the business community locally helping out in the community. It can often be difficult to know how to channel this good will. This year’s Adopt a Charity Campaign will help Corporate Volunteers and Businesses identify what skills they can share with the volunteer sector, and what causes they would like to get involved in.

Some of the key needs outlined during the first run of the Adopt A Charity initiative are outlined below:

The final part of the process is matching the Non Profit Community Group and the Business Community. Following a workshop with each group to identify the needs of the charities, and identifying the skills and expertise of the business community, the team from Sligo Volunteer Centre will suggest some ‘matches’ for both parties. In early April, the Adopt a Charity Campaign will bring together all parties and facilitate the initial introduction.

We will be giving tips to both sides how to form a successful and hopefully long lasting working relationship.

There are great benefits to both sides in this model, as the merging of two sectors should bring great rewards for the Corporate volunteers and provide an invaluable source of skills and people power to the Non Profit Community groups.

Key Dates (tbc):

9am, Tuesday March 28th: Coffee Morning for Businesses who wish to get involved; Hosted by Abbott Ireland, the Official Corporate Partner for EVC Sligo 2017.

11am, Tuesday April 4th: First Dates – Facilitated Introductions between volunteer organisations and corporate volunteers, facilitated by Volunteer Ireland.


We would love to hear from you if you wish to be matched with a Non Profit. Please register your interest below.

Non Profits/Charities:

We would love to hear from you if you wish to be matched with a Corporate/Business

Please complete is form with your Board/Commitee and Sligo Volunteer Centre are happy to assist you to finalise your Voluntary Role and register it on Sligo Volunteer Centre database.

Closing Date to get involved: 30th March.

For further information on the Adopt A Charity Campaign, please contact

**Please note: any data or contact details collected will only be used to communicate with you regarding the Adopt A Charity campaign.